Plexiglas Axpet Vivak


Eye-catcher made of illuminated acrylic glass with rotating elements.

The aim was to present the variable combination options of the fixed network, TV and mobile phone package products in a clear and easy-to-understand way for customer advice.

This was achieved using printed, illuminated and rotatable cuboids in the pylon. Depending on the customer’s requirements, this allows the various possible combinations of package products to be presented quickly and clearly at a glance.

For this project, we were once again able to draw on our decades of experience in acrylic glass and plastic processing, creativity, individual design capability and the interaction of CNC machines paired with craftsmanship.
In a nutshell, this means everything from a single source, design and production, including screen printing and assembly.

Product design in detail:

The pylon was manufactured as a glued hollow body made of white, translucent acrylic glass.
The approximate dimensions are: W = 960 mm, depth = 600 mm and height = 1,800 mm.
The design challenges arose from the statics, the locking of the base and head section, the easy rotation of the 3 info cubes and the uniform illumination with partially dimmed flashing light.
The statics were ensured by a special internal construction and the easy rotation of the cubes was achieved by an individual rotating construction.
The illumination was achieved with standard LEDs and a special part was used for the dimmed flashing light.
The lettering was screen-printed, partly with separating layers to ensure optimum illumination of the translucent areas.

The pylon was delivered as a ready-to-install and transportable plug-in solution, without on-site assembly, in a flight case for safe transportation.