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E-mobility, parking & traffic

Parken & Verkehr

Customised design covers for e-charging stations and ticket machines. Give your product a brilliant and unmistakable look.

Visually distinctive design covers enable differentiation from the competition and can be a decisive unique selling point. Hans Fischer manufactures customised printed design covers for AC and DC charging stations and wall boxes from thermoplastics such as acrylic glass and polycarbonate, even for extreme thermal environments. Based on your requirements, we recommend the most suitable primary material for your application. Resistant to UV radiation, frost, vandalism and extreme temperature fluctuations. Anti-reflective or scratch-resistant coated surfaces complete our portfolio.

Experts in component assembly

We have also specialized in complex component assembly for many years. The provision of a wide variety of metal components or injection-molded housings can be implemented within our infrastructure. For example, we specialize in joining processes for printed plastic displays with metal fronts. We select the appropriate bonding system based on your end application. From 1- and 2-component adhesives to high-performance adhesive tapes and screen printing adhesives, we are able to implement process-reliable solutions for the highest temperature ranges and harsh environments. Here you benefit from our many years of experience as an industrial supplier for mechanical and plant engineering and the parking space management sector.

Solutions for modern and intelligent road transport

There are also a wide range of applications for high-performance thermoplastics such as acrylic glass and polycarbonate in active transport. Customers particularly appreciate the high brilliance and resistance for outdoor use. Traffic guidance systems in city centres and at airports as well as speed displays, often used in traffic-calmed areas, are examples of applications that can be mentioned here.


Customers from a wide range of industries have appreciated our diverse and high level of vertical integration for several decades.

Displays & Control panels

Our displays made of PLEXIGLAS® and EXOLON® made of MAKROLON® combine function with design.


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