Plexiglas Axpet Vivak

Plexiglas®, Acrylic glass, PMMA

Versatile material in plastics processing: PLEXIGLAS®, acrylic glass, PMMA

Definition of the term ``PLEXIGLAS® / acrylic glass / PMMA``

What does PLEXIGLAS® stand for?

PLEXIGLAS® is the registered trademark of Röhm GmbH for its PMMA .

What does PMMA stand for?

PMMA is short for polymethyl methacrylate, the chemical name for acrylic glass.

What does acrylic glass stand for?

Acrylic glass is a general and manufacturer-independent product designation for PMMA without copyright.

PLEXIGLAS® is by far the most common material in our production, and we process it in a wide variety of grades.


We work with different types of PLEXIGLAS® such as:

  • PLEXIGLAS® gs (moulded)
  • PLEXIGLAS® xt (extruded)
  • PLEXIGLAS® Resist (impact resistant)
  • PLEXIGLAS® Optical
  • PLEXIGLAS® Satinice (satinised on one or both sides)
  • PLEXIGLAS® Hi-Gloss
  • PLEXIGLAS® Reflections
  • PLEXIGLAS® Textures

We process these types from solid sheets and blocks. Acrylic glass profiles (tubes and rods) are also processed.

Due to these different end applications, design, functionality and aesthetics as well as cost-effectiveness are mandatory attributes for our products. To get an impression of some of the products we have realised so far, take a look at our custom-made products.

The material PLEXIGLAS® offers a lot of advantages:

PLEXIGLAS® is available both colorless and in a wide range of colors. The most striking properties of colorless PLEXIGLAS® in particular are its outstanding light transmission, absolute colorlessness and brilliance, and its excellent surface quality. PLEXIGLAS® is also extremely resistant to aging and weathering, unbreakable and easy to shape and machine.

PLEXIGLAS® Farbvielfalt
PLEXIGLAS® Farbspektrum

Advantages of PLEXIGLAS® gs over PLEXIGLAS® xt

  • wider thickness spectrum
  • broader color spectrum
  • higher strength
  • higher surface quality and optical quality
  • neigt weniger zur Spannungsrissbildung
  • less prone to stress cracking
  • higher thermal and chemical resistance

Advantages of PLEXIGLAS® xt over PLEXIGLAS® gs

  • significantly lower thickness tolerances
  • better formability
  • lower price

The semi-finished products are usually solid panels in the format 3050 x 2050 mm as well as blocks, rods or tubes.

Typical acrylic glass products manufactured by us include POS displays, technical CNC precision parts, hoods, awards, tombstones and trophies, as well as our range consisting of name badges, display stands, brochure stands, ID card holders and poster pockets made of PLEXIGLAS®.


Customers from a wide range of industries have appreciated our diverse and high level of vertical integration for several decades.

Displays & Control panels

Our displays made of PLEXIGLAS® and EXOLON® made of MAKROLON® combine function with design.


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