Plexiglas Axpet Vivak

Other thermoplastics

Soft and rigid PVC

PVC offers different variants and possible applications:

Soft PVC

  • Available in many colors and textures – particularly suitable for the production of ring binders and folders.
  • Broader color spectrum

Rigid PVC

  • Does not achieve the brilliance of PLEXIGLAS®, but in some cases is the cheaper alternative.
  • Rigid PVC films are “flame-retardant in accordance with DIN 4102 B1”, but are not UV-resistant.

Foamed PVC

  • Matt surface, low density, good thermal insulation and good acoustic insulation
  • High resistance to weathering and corrosive agents
  • Flame retardancy


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PS – Polystyrol

The plastic for sound/heat insulation & packaging

Polystyrene (abbreviation PS) is a transparent, foamed white, amorphous thermoplastic. Amorphous polystyrene is a widely used, inexpensive (standard) plastic that is used in many areas of everyday life. PS is mainly used for sound and heat insulation as well as for packaging.

Manufacture of polystyrene (PS)

Chemical blowing agents and physical blowing agents such as carbon dioxide or cyclopentane are used. These are metered into the extruder during the production of blocks and sheets. The depressurization of the melt after leaving the die leads to expansion and thus to swelling.

POM – Polyoxymethylene

Polyoxymethylene has low moisture absorption and high gas density. This makes it possible to maintain tight tolerances when machining complex components. Polyoxymethylene has high hardness, rigidity, toughness and high heat resistance.

Furthermore, polyoxymethylene has high dimensional stability, good electrical insulation properties, good sliding properties and good wear behavior and is resistant to stress cracking.

POM is often used for the production of small parts and precision parts, for example in the automotive industry or in electrical engineering.

PE – Polyethylene

Polyethylene has a long service life, is easy to process and has good mechanical properties. Furthermore, polyethylene is easy to weld, resistant to chemicals and has a high density but low weight.

Polyethylene has almost no moisture absorption and is physiologically safe according to EU and FDA. Polyethylene also has food law approval in accordance with LFGB and EC Regulation 1935/2004.

Polyethylene can be processed using commercially available machines and tools. Before processing, however, the product should be at room temperature or stored in a normal climate for at least 24 hours.

PA – Polyamide

Polyamide has high strength, rigidity, abrasion resistance, impact and notched impact strength. Furthermore, polyamide has a high heat resistance, good sliding and emergency running properties.

Polyamides are resistant to hydrocarbons (aliphatic and aromatic), diluted alkalis, alcohols, oils and greases, among other things. However, they are not resistant to strong acids, bases or chlorinated hydrocarbons.

Polyamide has very good machinability and can therefore be processed in a wide variety of ways. These include, for example, milling, turning, drilling, sawing and punching. Even with high material removal, polyamide retains excellent dimensional and dimensional stability, even with thin-walled components.

PP- Polypropylene

It is a thermoplastic material that belongs to the polyolefin family. Its properties are similar to polyethylene (PE), although it is harder and more heat-resistant, but also more sensitive to acids and oxidizing agents.

Polypropylene is the plastic with the lowest density, but therefore has a comparatively high thermal stability. PP has a higher stiffness, hardness and strength than polyethylene, but lower than other plastics such as polyamide


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Displays & Control panels

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