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Exolon® made of Makrolon®/ Polycarbonate - a particularly robust material

Exolon® made of Makrolon® as safety glazing

Polycarbonate is recommended for applications where safety is particularly important. It is extremely impact-resistant and flame-retardant. Typical applications are safety glazing and impact-resistant covers (for larger quantities, PLEXIGLAS® Resist grades are also available as an alternative).

Polycarbonate in mechanical and plant engineering

EXOLON® made of MAKROLON®/ Polycarbonate is increasingly being used for industrial components with the highest optical requirements and distortion-free dimensional accuracy. Polycarbonate meets the demand for greater safety and has therefore firmly established itself in the industry in recent years. Designers in mechanical and plant engineering continue to value the high safety aspect.

Further possible applications for Exolon® made of Makrolon®/Polycarbonat

However, polycarbonate is also used in other sectors, such as parking space management, to protect against break-ins and vandalism. In addition, high-quality EXOLON® made of MAKROLON® sheets ensure, for example, permanently attractive illuminated advertising in visual communication.

The material Exolon® made of Makrolon® / polycarbonate offers these advantages

  • very good transparency
  • extremely high fracture resistance
  • extreme impact strength 
  • good fire protection classification   
  • usable over a wide temperature range


Customers from a wide range of industries have appreciated our diverse and high level of vertical integration for several decades.

Displays & Control panels

Our displays made of PLEXIGLAS® and EXOLON® made of MAKROLON® combine function with design.


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