Hans Fischer Recyling-Zertifikat 2023 - Abbildung des Zertifikats mit Text und Siegel von Pekutherm

Recycling Certificate 2023

We at Hans Fischer Kunststoffverarbeitungs-GmbH are committed to protecting our environment and are pleased to share our progress in the area of sustainable practices with you.

Thanks to our close partnership with Pekutherm Kunststoffe GmbH we were able to recycle a proud 57 tons of thermoplastic waste in 2023. As a result, we were able to save around 285 tons of CO2 emissions by reintroducing the recyclates back into the raw material cycle. Our responsibility as a processor of thermoplastics for the environment drives us to continuously improve our use of resources.

We are actively working to minimize our ecological footprint through innovative processes and the use of sustainable materials, minimize our ecological footprint and make a positive contribution to climate protection. A special thanks goes to Heiko Pfister and the entire team at Pekutherm Kunststoffe GmbH for their great support and successful collaboration.