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Thekendisplay BESTES NETZ

Countertop display „Bestes Netz“

LED illuminated display made of acrylic glass

In line with the “Best Network” award, the client also specified the requirements for the illuminated table and counter display made of PLEXIGLAS®.

The delivery of 1,000 displays was to take place within one month.

With our decades of experience in acrylic glass and plastic processing, our modern equipment with CNC machines and the production steps: screen printing, sandblasting and in-house assembly, we saw excellent opportunities to meet the customer’s requirements.

At the beginning, the final design was worked out in dialog with the customer and a sample was presented for approval.

The counter display “Bestes Netz” in detail:

A table and counter display made of PLEXIGLAS®, consisting of a base and stele, measuring 220 x 270 mm high and equipped with LED light was produced.

The custom-made and programmed flashing LED strip was mounted in the 10 mm thick base made of white PLEXIGLAS® with glossy edges.

In the interests of sustainability and possible later recycling, the LED strip was installed in such a way that it can be replaced or removed at a later date.

Through a recess in the base, the LED light flows through the glued-on stele made of 20 mm PLEXIGLAS® colorless and exits at the top edge through the lettering “BESTES”. The “BESTES” lettering was lasered as a cut-out and then sandblasted all around, which significantly increased the lighting and attention-grabbing effect.

The “NETZ” lettering is applied to the back of the stele using etched imitation screen printing and therefore combines perfectly with the “BESTES” lettering. On the front of the stele is an enclosed label with the various ratings for “BESTES NETZ”.

A completely successful project!

As we were able to utilize our core competencies precisely with this display, we were able to produce it within the desired delivery time, in the required quality and at an appropriate price/performance ratio.